Tom's Tree Service, Inc.

     Tom's Tree Service, Inc. was founded in 2001 and prides itself on competitive pricing and customer satisfaction. We are a locally owned and operated business serving Lake and surrounding counties. Tom has more than 30 years experience in the tree industry. Our crew is comprised of long-term employees who are dependable, experienced and knowledgeable. We are licensed and insured for $1 million.

     I also work closely with local utility companies to assure a safe working environment is maintained when working around overhead wires and buried cables. We remove trees over elecrical wires and communications cables. We have extensive experience in this area. Also, if you have trees that are inaccessible by heavy equipment, our climbers are experienced in all the latest roping and rigging techniques.


     We provide free estimates and focus on our customers needs and keeping your property safe from damage. This can be accomplished by moving heavy loads across your lawn with a lawn-friendly articulated loader and when heavy trucks are brought in on your lawn or driveway, a path of 4ft x 8ft sheets of plywood is laid out to eliminate concrete breakage and ruts in your lawn. 

     We protect your plants and landscaping to the best of our ability to provide the best experience for our customers. When a job is completed I personally look over your lawn, garden and roof to make sure they are free of sticks, sawdust and other debris.